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Analyzing Bank Entry Competition on Bank Integration Episode in ASEAN
Author: Yayan Satyakti, Sofi Suryasnia, Zainal Arifin Publisher: EBES Conference Proceedings Years: 07 Apr, 2021 Pages: 1-25 Pages Link Sumber:

This paper is aimed at investigating how bank integration is in response to the impact of financial liberalization on bank entry competition. In this paper we develop tools to assess whether bank integration occurs in several economies in ASEAN. This study uses financial data from 2006 – 2017 published by 72 banks in ASEAN member countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

We use the 3-step method to estimate our competition model. The approach includes production function model, static discrete choice games procedure, and Impulse Response Function. We find that development and openness in the financial sector are conducive to the economic performance of the observed ASEAN countries. We also conclude that financial liberalization along with financial development will stimulate banking productivity in the economies.

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